Why wax?
Waxing is a quick and efficient way to remove upper lip hair, underarm hair and hair on the legs compared to shaving and plucking. It leaves no stubble and slows down re-growth.


Why get a Brazilian wax?

Bare is beautiful! More so if you plan to flaunt your figure in a bikini or don a G-string. And even if you don’t, hygiene could be the reason why you want to clear up the jungle down there.

The Brazilian wax takes off all the hair from your nether regions. If that sounds too drastic, then choose from some our best-selling strip patterns in the most imaginative shapes!


Waxing for men

Popularized by Sex & The City, Brazilian waxing is now the norm, rather than something you don’t talk about at the dinner table.

But, what about Brazilian waxing for men known as Brazilian Sunga Wax?

Why would men want hair removed from the skin protecting their ‘family jewels’?

Because razor blades bite and electric face shavers were designed for your beard! And more importantly, it’s cleaner, smells better, doesn’t look like a mess and makes a certain lovemaking position more satisfying!


Tips for “wax virgins”
  • Don’t shave at least one week before you wax. The hair needs to be long enough – at least ¼ of an inch long – for waxing to be effective.
  • Don’t shave too soon after waxing as the skin is still sensitive.
  • Don’t scrub the area where skin has been waxed within 36 hours of waxing.
  • Gentle exfoliation on your bikini line will help clear off dead cells and aid waxing.
  • Relax! Being tense will make the experience more painful than it actually is.
While we know waxing the bikini area can be a sensitive subject, you do need to strip for us to do a good job. But not to worry, as our experienced wax experts have cleaned up for so many clients of all shapes and sizes that they’ve become numb to your nether regions and see it as just another part of your body that needs waxing.

Does it hurt?

The degree of pain depends largely on your individual pain threshold. What is painless to one person may be excruciatingly painful to you. But our therapists will do their utmost best to take your mind off the pain by keeping you engaged in a friendly conversation.
  Waxing lyrical

Armed with six years of waxing experience, waxing expert, Madaline, has created a signature style of hair removal that is fast, clean and safe. Her warmth and friendliness puts you instantly at ease while her personal touch and expert technique will make your waxing experience a comfortable and much less painful one. Safeguarding our client’s privacy is very important to us and all customer information is strictly confidential, even though we pride ourselves on having a number of V.I.Ps on our regular client list!

We use…
Soft wax – Also known as strip wax.
Hard wax – A strawberry cream hot wax that is melted down and applied onto the hair. Specially created for Brazilian waxing, this wax is gentle on the skin.